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Manuel Tallini

Originating from a quaint town in Eastern Europe's Romania, Manuel embarked on a new chapter in his life when he arrived in Rome at the age of 18. Inspired by the city's rich artistic heritage and the brilliance of renowned artists who thrived under the Italian sun, he passionately delved into the world of painting—a lifelong aspiration.

Timid beginnings swiftly transformed into fervent days and nights consumed by his creative process. Manuel's style gradually morphed and evolved, yet always retained a touch of unparalleled distinctiveness through the skillful amalgamation of various materials such as acrylic paint, rope, epoxy, and more. A breakthrough came when he successfully sold his initial pieces to a private collector in Paris, France, thereby gaining the long-awaited recognition and confidence.

From there, his artwork found its way to prestigious locations like Monaco, Bucharest, and Rome. Serendipitous circumstances led Manuel to embark on a new chapter in both his personal and professional life, as he made the decision to relocate to America. It was during this phase that his creative journey truly matured. His paintings grew in size and grandeur, showcasing an ever-expanding range of themes and artistic visions.

Manuel Tallini, the artist, emerges as a trailblazer within the realm of contemporary abstract painting, embracing new waves and aesthetic trends. Simultaneously simplistic and evocative, his artworks come alive through the masterful interplay of vibrant colors and captivating translucency.

Employing mixed media techniques, Manuel harnesses top-tier materials such as acrylic paint, rope, metal and plastic figurines, clear epoxy, as well as gold and silver foils. These carefully selected elements accentuate luminous surfaces and pave the way to a modern abstract art revolution.